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Booth Rental
Thanks for asking about renting a space in our mall!
Everything that we sell here must pass a Jurying Committee. We ask them to judge on the following criteria:
1. Quality.
No Craft Bazaar or Flea Market items will be accepted.
We're looking for developed skills or natural talent...professional dealers usually do the best,
but we've seen new-comers find success as well.
Antiques and vintage items must be of good quality, no "new collectibles"
(such as Beanie Babies) will be accepted.
2. Originality.
We strive to offer a large variety of items. Should your item fall into a category that we feel is generously represented, you will be placed on a waiting list until such an opening should occur.
3. Marketability.
Some merchandise may sell beautifully in one market and not in another. We won't rent you a booth if we don't feel we can sell your product for you!
We advertise CONSTANTLY, mainly through Television commercials, but radio and print advertising as well.
We have several promotions every year.
We are located on one of the busiest streets in Michigan in a prime shopping district right next door to a popular family
restaurant and a short distance from dozens of others.
Many of our crafters have been with us since we opened in 1993 (references available upon request)
Craft Booth Rates
(Antique Booths do not include Pegboard and are less per square foot- contact us for more information)
Booth Rates
(per month)
All booths are at least 6 1/2 feet high and include pegboard (except antique booths).
Electricity dependent on availability and would require a
$5 per month fee.
1x3 - $37
1x5 - $55
2x5 - $75
3x5 - $90
Wall spaces (Available for flat items only)
1 foot - $14
2 foot - $26
3 foot - $35
These are our most common sizes, but others may be available.
Antique booths generally do not come with pegboard so that the dealer may use their own displayers. Booths in the Antique mall are larger and include end-caps.
Part of your lease agreement includes a monthly 6-hour shift commitment. If this isn't possible, you have the option of paying an additional monthly fee of $25 and we'll cover your shift for you!
Although we charge a 5% fee for charge card sales
(to cover bank charges and paperwork) we take
on your sales.
Remote stocking is free.
Sales checks are issued monthly and are mailed on the
1st day of the Month.
Sales are computerized, and you may call and request your
totals any time during the month.
You must have a Michigan Sales Tax I.D. # (available through the Michigan Dept. of Treasury)
because we collect the sales tax and include it in your check.
You are then responsible for paying back the sales tax to the state.
By the way, Michigan forgives the first $72.00 of sales tax - you don't have to pay it - if you pay by Feb. 28th of each year.
That's a nice little bonus for filing your own taxes!
Mail us (or EMAIL) your pictures and be sure to include the price range.
You may want to include more information about your merchandise - pictures don't always do justice!
Judging takes approximately one week and notification is by mail.
Please include a phone # or E-mail address should the
committee have any questions.
Mail to:
Little Red Schoolhouse
5002 W. Saginaw
Lansing, Michigan 48917
Attention: Jurying Committee
We can jury by visiting your Website as well!
Email us your web address!
We look forward to seeing your products!